What is From Living To Soaring?

From Living To Soaring is an integrated group coaching program that moves us from a state of simple existing to an enlightened state of living.

Bring consciousness to your daily life and start living an intentional life by dissolving emotional charge, manifesting goals, accepting challenges, and learning how to live in all 4 bodies: mental, physical, emotional, and energetic.

Through the sessions and trainings, you will uncover your own unique blueprint to life and pleasure



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Dr. Tina Featured On...

Getting In Touch With Yourself

From: Dr. Tina Koopersmith, MD

Sherman Oaks, California

Dear Aspiring Woman,

Have you ever felt like you were living a life as a passenger in a car?

Here's the secret:

Most People Have No Idea How To Get In Touch With Themselves, Let Alone The Power Within

Our society is constantly focused on action, goals, and physical outcomes.

The drive for more, the desire for progress, the magnetic pull of "success" distracts us from what is truly important:

Health, happiness, and living with passion every single day.

And that's a major issue...

It's no surprise that the majority of people feel like life is simply passing them by as they continue to serve their families, work their jobs, and compete in an endless cycle.

From Healing To Soaring was a culmination of years of professional and personal development, participation in countless coaching programs, and a deep understanding of the issues women today face.

Controlling our perspective and reframing our mindsets is the true key to a healthier and happier life.

The System Revealed In From Living To Soaring Is Easy To Understand And Implement From The Comfort Of Home

The tremendous impact From Living To Soaring has made on women and their families across the world is inspiring.

And as our community continues to grow and better support one another, we hope that you will join us.

Helping Women Make An Impact

"I absolutely LOVE Dr. Koopersmith's "Flip Your Mindset" weekly Zoom class. This is exactly what I needed to round out my healing journey. I ALWAYS come away from her class with at least one new tool, but usually with several to help me on this journey to self-discovery and healing. I have enjoyed getting to know other women in the class... viewing life's challenges in a new, positive, and healthier way, and... I have enjoyed experiencing Dr. Koop as a coach as well as a physician. She's brilliant at both. I'm very grateful for having Dr. Koopersmith in my life."

Sue Brian

Inside we'll share with you the tools that you require to level up your mindset, begin to be present, and ultimately start living instead of just existing.

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